1Premium Voice

Our product portfolio is offered to incumbents, service providers and mobile operators aiming to achieve the necessary competitive edge on the International Carrier market. Voice calls are delivered at the highest quality, with the greatest economic efficiency being achieved by sophisticated routing and real time network monitoring. More than 250 countries can be routed via carefully selected carriers for delivering fixed and mobile minutes. Termination is provided in their respective countries with a guaranteed quality of service for even the most demanding customers

4Reseller Program

We provide resellers to have their own brand and their own customers in our platform. Reseller can create your own brand and provide all voip services reseller can make your own pricing and are free set up your profit margin. Reseller can Can have your own calling card , callback services
Can provide voip services to callshops, calling card operators, callback operators,
No infrastructure investment, No commissions, No additional or hidden cost, No monthly costs, all is free

2Wholesale Voice

Our vast number of interconnection with many tier 1 carriers has established a strong global termination network backed-up with multiple redundancies on TDM, VoIP and Point to Point interconnection which allows us to offer partners global reach and very competitive rates without compromising on quality. Our proven track record of providing superior voice quality and cost efficient routes to the Middle East, Asia, Africa and North America has provided the framework for our current focus on constantly strengthening our portfolio of valuable partners

5Call Shop

Our call shop solution has been exclusively developed for all entrepreneurs who plan to open or improve a Call shop business. It consists of hardware and software parts. The IP software is ideal for the usage in VoIP and/or PSTN line based call shop businesses. It is a new, low cost call shop management solution that uses the latest IP/ VoIP technology. Our proposed software solution, can efficiently manage all of the call shops activities, such as billing, tariff rating, financial and statistical reporting with accuracy, reliability and security.

3Calling Cards

Why it is much cheaper to use our Calling card when making a call? Using prepaid phone cards wisely can help you control your phone bills. Prepaid calling cards are also very convenient. For consumers who do not want to switch their long distance carriers, stand-alone prepaid phone card is the answer. You receive mobility (calling from any phone including cellular), independence from local carrier and anonymity.