We have a huge network of IT Support & Solution, interconnects and relationships; establishing itself as a secure and vital player in the ever changing world of Telecom Hong Kong. Providing competitive pricing to meet your needs, TelAcmeexcels in this market by providing routes and volumes that increase your profits



We have state of the art infrastructure and systems to IT support Hong Kong wholesale voice. With built in resillience, multi vendor switches, we take pride in our network and the quality of our switching capabilities.






With Wholesale margins decreasing minute-by-minute a robust LCR system is essential to make money. With our LCR, QoS, Powerful Analytics & reporting systems we tick all the boxes to make wholesale voice a successful and profitable business




Most people have a IT support Hong Kong structure but not many have a pro-active NOC. We have invested in people and system to reduce the amount of problems and also speed up the time to resolution. The way a NOC should be

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Telacme terminates large quantities of telecom, VoIP traffic in Hong Kong & worldwide. Due to our considerable traffic in wholesale minutes, we have some of the best international rates on the market & therefore are able to pass these savings to our clients. Telacme gives to its customers top-tier quality routes.

Our platform is backed by superior Billing System and competitive rates to assure your calls get connected with the highest quality of IT service in the market of Hong Kong.We provide our clients a secured Web interface so they can view their usage, balance information and route statistics.